Self-Assessment Checklist

To help you make your decision about mentoring with Big Brothers Big Sisters, you can evaluate yourself against the following characteristics of successful mentors:

  • I enjoy spending time with children and youth

  • I have the desire to build a friendship with a child

  • I have time, and am willing to commit to meeting regularly with my Little Sister or Little Brother

  • I am willing to commit for at least one year

  • I am a responsible, trustworthy and stable individual

  • I am caring and compassionate

  • I can be energetic

  • I am a good listener

  • I respect the values and beliefs of others, even if they are very different from my own

  • I am comfortable with the idea of communicating openly with the child's parent or guardian, social workers and the BBBS team

  • I work well in a team

  • I have strong interpersonal communication skills

  • I have strong problem solving skills

  • I am able to set realistic expectations and be prepared for unexpected changes

  • I enjoy some or many of the activities that children enjoy

  • I take my own safety and the safety of others seriously

  • I am comfortable with assuming responsibility for the safety and security of the child during outings

Of course, most people will not answer 'yes' to all of the characteristics mentioned above. But if you answered 'no' to many of them, it may be worth re-considering whether mentoring with Big Brothers Big Sisters is something that is for you.

You can get in touch with us if you have any questions, and we would be happy to discuss them further, and / or signpost you to more suitable volunteering opportunities with children and young people if this mentoring scheme is not quite right for you.